Geo-EnGarde™ Automated Geotechnical Monitoring Software Application

Southern IT's software is used on major civil engineering projects around the world

Geo-EnGarde™ is a modular monitoring, graphing and alarm software application, written for the civil engineering industry well tried and tested since its release in 1999. The programme monitors and analyses data supplied by finely tuned geotechnical and structural movement sensors (piezometers, tiltmeters, inclinometers, etc) installed on a wide variety of structures.

Geo-EnGarde™ incorporates data from Robotic Total Stations (theodolites) and includes the ability to work out triangulation resections.

The programme includes sophisticated analysis reporting with built in alarm modules - Alert™ - sending emails and also SMS text messages when data exceeds user defined criteria for threshold values (three levels; blue, amber, red). The latest Web-Centre module replicates the maps and graphs to a web-site.

The application can handle very large amounts of data - some of the projects last for years - and this data is stored within a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Geo-EnGarde™ is sold worldwide and has been used on a variety of projects worldwide including Terminal 5 at Heathrow, Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Kings Cross - St Pancras, the New York Metro extension and Seoul Metro, Korea and many more.

Geo-EnGarde™ can also be used for monitoring data from weather stations

Further information on our geotechnical monitoring and data presentation software application, Geo-EnGarde™, can be found at

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