Mobile Applications

Mobile Websites - BYOD (Bring your own device)

In 2013 - for the first time - more people will access the Internet from their mobile device than with a desktop PC. If your web site is not yet mobile ready then you need to move quickly as the plethora of mobile devices around make it an absolute necessity.

Mobile App v Mobile website

You want a mobile app?

Creating mobile apps can be an expensive process. It will also be necessary to create your app for all the different mobile operating systems; for iOS (iPhone), Blackberry, Android and Windows phones. This is beyond the smaller business's budget.

However, there is a different way and that way is almost certainly the way things will go because it's a truly cross platform method; it's using an HTML5 mobile website.

The advantages of HTML5 mobile websites are many:-

  • Not hampered by distribution of the native app which is controlled by the owners of the platform
  • Developers do not have to comply with the vendors' rules for distribution
  • HTML5 is truly cross platform
  • HTML5 development is considerably cheaper than native app development

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