About Southern IT Ltd

Southern IT Ltd - Founded 1998

Southern IT Ltd was founded in 1998 by David Boulding, MD and Dominic Brown, BSc (Hons), who previously worked together at Visual Components Inc. which, at the time, was the leading developer of OCX, ActiveX controls and Java applets. Visual Components Inc. was later sold to Sybase Inc. and not long afterwards Boulding and Brown left to form Southern IT Ltd.

Mission-critical Software Development

Microsoft .Net, SQL Server, Visual Basic and Java Development Languages

Specialising in mission-critical application development using Microsoft .Net, MS SQL Server and Java technologies, in 1998 Southern IT Ltd created one of the first ever - if not THE first - online estate agent software applications, Virtual Estate Agent™ which has been used in Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Cyprus and the UK.

The following year, in 1999, Southern IT wrote a modular monitoring, data-presentation and alarm software application, for the civil engineering industry and sold as a white label product to the leading geotechnical surveying and monitoring companies. The programme monitors and analyses data supplied by finely tuned geotechnical and structural movement sensors (piezometers, tiltmeters, inclinometers, etc) installed on a wide variety of structures. Geo-Engarde™ (under various names) has been sold to over 20 countries world wide and is in constant development.

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