online database design and cloud hosting

Good database design can save many man hours of time and effort thus increasing both efficiency and productivity by automating and streamlining repetitive tasks.

Spreadsheets can often become too complex to manage business work-flows and conversion to a database format can increase productivity and reduce errors especially as it makes possible collaboration between multi-location offices and home workers.

We have worked on mission-critical database systems for many SMEs and blue chip companies since our founding in 1998 and sold to over 20 different countries worldwide.

  • Bespoke database design to replace complex spreadsheets.
  • Better collaboration by sharing data with other offices or home workers.
  • Faster and better reporting.
  • Become more efficient than your competitors.
  • Integration with legacy systems.


Case study: Legal Insurance Services

Business Sector: Insurance
Software developed using: Microsoft .Net and Microsoft SQL Server

This Software as a Service (SaaS) database and reporting application permits the insurance broker to make available details of quotations and policies in a multi-office environment. Insured property and owner details are held along with costs and total risk liability with reporting by risk category and value between user selected dates.

Case Study: Automated geotechnical data presentation and monitoring application

Business Sector: Civil Engineering
Developed using: Microsoft .Net and Microsoft SQL Server

The requirement was to build an automated misson-critical application to monitor movement sensors and control laser robotic stations in railways, tunnels, dams, railway lines and other major civil engineering projects.

The first project that used our software was during the building of the Air-side Road Tunnel for Terminal 5 at Heathrow and used by Mott MacDonald for BAA. Our application took data from hundreds of tiny sensors installed all over the pre-existing Heathrow Express tunnel under the airport while a 9.16m diameter Herrenknecht earth pressure balance tunnel boring machine drilled only 3 meters above it. On the runway surface above the new tunnel glass prisms were installed and monitored for movement by a chain of Leica Robotic Total Station and the XYZ points plotted and monitored using triangulation resection. In the event that any sensors' user defined critical boundery was passed SMS text alerts were sent. Data was replicated to a website so that the London Underground HQ in Canary Wharf could monitor events as they happened.

This application is in continuous use by major civil engineering companies in over twenty different countries worldwide .

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