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Innovating since 1998 - serving the South East (London, Kent and Sussex) - sold to over 23 countries worldwide

Programming - SaaS

Most of our software development and mobile app projects now use the Software as a Service (SaaS) model which is where software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud and accessed by users using a web browser. Work from home or office.

Software Development

Solve your business problem with the conversion of complex spreadsheets to a more reliable cloud database system, integrate legacy systems into a truly collaborative systems where data can be securely shared between offices and home workers.

Web Design

We create "responsive" mobile friendly web design to suit all requirements from a simple, creatively designed "brochure" web site as a marketing tool - to a complex database driven, fully featured Internet "e-commerce" mail order system.

Database Design

We have worked on mission-critical database systems for many SMEs and blue chip companies since our founding in 1998 and sold to over 23 different countries worldwide where data can be securely shared between offices and home workers.

The Virtual Estate AgentTM

Our first software project in 1998, one of THE very first Internet property web sites was The Virtual Estate AgentTM an on-line solution for estate agents. This application has a proven track record and has been used all around Europe.

Mobile Apps

Workers on the go? Maintain accurate data collection and synchronisation using a mobile app.

Collaborative Cloud Applications

Work from Home or Office

Work from anywhere. Applications created to share company data with your colleagues whilst working from home.

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Our Microsoft .Net and SQL Server applications are hosted on resilient and secure cloud based clusters of servers in UK data centres and the Azure Cloud.

Mission Critical

A proven track record of delivering mission-critical software applications to start-ups, SMEs and blue chip companies in a wide variety of sectors; finance, legal, insurance, civil engineering, retail, pharmaceuticals, property etc.


Our software applications are used on projects not just in the UK but around the world including; the USA, Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Australia, Turkey, Kuwait, Korea, UAE, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia, Kenya, Vietnam and India. This list of projects and countries is constantly growing.

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Spreadsheets, legacy and split systems can be consolidated preventing errors. Better reporting of company data.


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