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Project Description

CCL's new label platform application developed by Southern IT and working together with mobile app developer, PocketWorks uses smartphone technology to improve medication adherence in clinical trials by engaging patients, clinicians and health organizations. As demonstrated again at the Paris Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2020 using a smartphone to record taking medication for a clinician during a dazzling presentation...

A special read/write electronic label using NFC technology - and proprietary to CCL Inc - applied to the medicine bottle interacts with a mobile phone by initiating the trial patient and reminding them by phone alarm to take medicine at regular intervals as previously defined by the clinician. When the medication is taken the medicine bottle is "pinged" and the date/time, the ambient temperature and geo-location are recorded from the medicine bottle chip is written to the database which ensures the compliance of the patient. If the patient does not "ping" the medicine label within the allotted "time window" the trial for that patient is immediately invalidated.

Southern IT wrote the back-end web portal managing the data and making it accessible and easily navigable

Clinician drug trials can have more - and easily accessible - data and patients better checked for compliance with knowledge of drug storage temperatures and geo-location.

  • Ensures patients take drugs on time
  • Patients not taking the trial drug at allotted time removed from trial
  • Feedback to and from patient is improved
  • More data including; temperature at which the drug is stored and geo-location

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